Our Company prides itself on work that is of the highest international standard. We have presence in almost every part of the world and specialise in the continent of Africa. Our Company offers close protection by elite professionals. Our CPO’s are former police, military and private sector people who bring world-renowned expertise to work protecting the lives of our clients across the globe.

The age of the muscle bound bodyguard is long since passed. Our Close Protection Officers (CPO) is well qualified in all aspects of close protection, and provides our clients with professional, discrete and effective personal protection. We believe in being prepared and alert at all times so as not to attract attention to our clients. Advanced planning and intelligence gathering is key, and the use of limited resources is critical to our work. We create and maintain a sterile environment within which our clients can conduct their business free of threat, harassment or embarrassment. We are sensitive to our client’s image and status at all times.

Employing an Executive Protection Detail should not mean the surrender of your freedom, mobility or comfort. Our (CPO) will blend in effortlessly into any corporate or social environment.

Our company has a database of experienced (CPO) for when more manpower is needed. Our staff is trained in-house to exacting and uncompromising standards in Close Protection. Furthermore, they are engendered with a strong service ethic. They are also required to have a speciality to offer the client thus ensuring a value added service.  Each member is evaluated monthly, which entails fitness, shooting skills and scenario training. Communication between us is paramount as it keeps each one up to date with current trends.  Advanced security drivers are also available.

Optimum Security Services offers you complete peace of mind.